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Get your CPN (credit profile number) with a $300-$500 credit card for $100.

You will have your CPN delivered to you within 24 hours, 48 hours for your credit  card approval. (Sometimes there are very slight delays, but that is only because I get busy but there is no need to panic, you will receive the information you paid for.)


ALL numbers are skip traced and the results are sent directly to you!

I will never promise you an amount for the CC, it is between $300-$500 I do not know the exact amount until it is approved.

Please advise me if you have had any of the following :


Capital One

Orchard Bank

First Premiere

or any Household Bank cards.


It is imperative that you advise me if you have ever have had any of these cards.



Information needed to start this program is as follows:


CPN information :


1. Your name

2. Address (NOT associated with your credit file) VERY IMPORTANT

3. Phone (cell phone or landline NOT associated with your credit file) VERY IMPORTANT

4. Date of birth


5. Email address for approvals to go to)

The purpose of a CPN is to completely separate a New Credit Profile Number with your Personal SSN.  In order to do that, when you register a CPN with the Credit Bureaus you need to use different information (address, phone number, etc).  Certain information must also remain the same.

The benefit of our program is that we do all of that for you!  We apply you for your first Line of Credit using your new CPN with information that will not link your Personal SSN with the Credit Bureaus.



You cannot use your CPN to:

File taxes

Apply for government loans​


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